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Rebel Artist String Bikini - Eclipse

Rebel Artist String Bikini - Eclipse

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πŸŒ‘ Eclipse of Artistic Rebellion πŸŒ‘ Unleash Your Inner Beach Siren ✨

Dive into the rebellion with our Rebel Artist Sting Bikini in alluring eclipse. The design merges freedom and artistic expression – it's not just swimwear, it's an eclipse of empowerment.

Wearing this bikini is more than just a fashion statement; it's an affirmation of your artistic individuality. Wear it to radiate authenticity and let your creative energy shine.

Envision the atmosphere on the beach, turning heads with a bikini that radiates rebellion. Conversations ignite, admiration heats up, and your unique charisma lights up the scene.

Step onto the sand with confidence, riding waves of empowering rebellion. 🌟 This bikini isn't just fabric – it's a canvas for expressing your truth with every eclipsed moment. πŸ’₯

Stay comfortable and stylish all summer with this All-Over Print Recycled String Bikini set. It’s made from soft recycled polyester with double-layering and UPF 50+. Style the straps how you like, and get ready to swim!

β€’ Soft and stretchy material with UPF 50+
β€’ Sizes up to 6XL
β€’ Bikini top comes with removable padding for comfort
β€’ Multiple ways to tie and style the bikini set
β€’ Color design options for swimwear lining

Disclaimer: To make your All-Over Print Recycled String Bikini last longer, thoroughly rinse it off after each use and get rid of any chlorine/salt residue.

Size guide

Β  CHEST (inches) HIPS (inches)
2XS 31 Β½ 33 β…ž
XS 33 β…› 35 β…œ
S 34 ⅝ 37
M 36 ΒΌ 38 ⅝
L 39 β…œ 41 ΒΎ
XL 42 Β½ 44 β…ž
2XL 45 ⅝ 48
3XL 48 β…ž 51 β…›
4XL 52 54 β…œ
5XL 55 β…› 57 Β½
6XL 58 ΒΌ 60 ⅝
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