For the past week, since the “Astroworld atrocity,” to quote the family members of the victims, I can’t seem to take myself away from watching updates, can you? 


Many people have said the concert was demonic and while I am not one to scream illuminati, I must confess that after seeing some footage of the concert, I would have to say that that is pretty much the closest thing to hell I have ever seen.  From the head displays with the open mouth for people to enter and be symbolically and literally eaten alive, to the fiery 9th circle of hell stage sets.  Travis Scott makes even an atheist believe in the devil. 


Then there is Drake.  One has to wonder how Drake went from “God’s Plan” to the Devil’s Cauldron.  From the “nice guy” who was dumped by Rihanna to the co-conspirator of the Devil himself, Travis Scott. 


I must confess, I haven’t listened or watched much or any of Travis Scott.  He is wrapped up in that whole Kardashian mess which turns my stomach.  Coming from the era of 80s and 90s rap influence, I tend to be very selective with my musical choices when it comes to today’s playlist. 


Well, today was the day I sought to change that and to understand where Travis Scott comes from and how this situation went from what was supposed to be a fun festival to 10 people having their lives senselessly taken from them.  But before I go there, let’s talk about the power and influence of music and how music can be used as a tool for good as well as for evil.


Music has a profound effect on all of us.  The type of music we digest resonates to the depths of our soul and instantaneously affects us whether we are consciously aware of it or not.  Isn’t that why we play certain music, to put us in a mood or double down on our current mood?  Music soundtracks can make an impression and statement about what we are viewing; some music themes precede the movie itself because music is so powerful and capable of being embedded in our minds and conjuring up certain emotions and feelings in a split second.  Take the soundtrack to the movie Halloween - you hear that music and right away you make the connection.  All the feelings and memories that movie evokes washes over you within seconds.


There is no doubt that certain sounds connotate certain feelings, sounds of dissonance tend to equate to these feelings of being off or not whole.  For the sensitive listener, they might even give you a creepy feeling and Travis Scott’s music is inundated with dissonant chords that strike a chord with his hardcore fans.


After listening to a few of Travis Scott’s songs along with watching his videos, there wasn’t one song out of four that I listened to that didn’t creep me the fuck out.  Suffice it to say, I could acknowledge that the production of the music and the video was top notch and literally devilishly brilliant. I found the content worrisome especially for teenagers and those who are highly susceptible and not fully developed.  I think the whole idea of teenagehood can simulate complete rebellion and there is no doubt that certain rock bands and gangsta rap artists in the past have pushed barriers.  Yes, there have been mosh pits where people have been pushed and prodded and there may have been instances of a few bruises but how did we get to where we are now with over 300 people injured and 10 people dead?  Where have we come as a society to even let it get this point?  In all of these cases of rebellious musicial acts, when have we seen the artist encourage people to hurt themselves?  Most of the time, it has all been for show and the instant a fan is in trouble we see the artist act quickly to make sure the audience is safe; check Youtube where you will see plenty of these types of videos.  This bad boy/girl rebellion pushing the limits of what society feels is acceptable has always been the norm in the rhelm of artistry but THIS is not art or what’s commonly known as the limits being tested by musicians and bands.  A personality, a brand and maybe even some of it due to heavy drug use have tested societal norms but never have I seen THIS.


THIS – ASTROWORLD; THIS -TRAVIS SCOTT; THIS unconscionable, irresponsible complete and total lack of humanity.  Yes, as artists we push the limits, we provoke, we make people see and reflect our surroundings and lifestyles but when have we become murderers??  Artists were born to use their gift to transport humanity to another space and time.  Music was not created for THIS.


Music is powerful.  So, listen carefully, choose wisely and keep in mind that who you surround yourself with is who you become.  Who you look up to is who you just might turn out to be.  Listen to the good sense your instinct has to offer you; we know better and can choose better, to do better because if you ignore it, you just might exit God’s Plan and Enter the Devil’s Cauldron.


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