How We Can All Take A Piece of Betty White With Us

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“Maintaining our vibrancy stems from continuing to grow and be better.  Getting older doesn’t mean we need to hang up our hats - our dreams and ambitions.  We should continue to dream always - no matter our age, no matter our circumstance.  We should strive at all ages to be independent from common perceptions because we are all unique in our own way and deserve to fulfill our purpose on this earth in an expression only, we are capable of producing.”  – 46foryounger


No one encompassed this sentiment more than Betty White.  Betty White managed to surpass society’s shortcomings of ageism and limitations.  She was living proof that the only limitations are the ones we place on ourselves. 


Betty White was beloved by people of all ages and backgrounds.  From her peers to Baby Boomers, to Gen Z, she touched all of us.  We were heartbroken to hear of Betty White’s passing and on board to make the Betty White Challenge of donating $5 on what would be Betty’s 100th birthday to our favorite animal shelter in her memory. 


When we run across exceptional people such as Betty White that have a talent for touching people from all walks of lives, it’s important for us to take a moment to reflect, analyze and mirror outstanding practices and behaviors so that we too can contribute the best of ourselves and live our best lives.  While our intentions are good, sometimes we need a road map to discover the delivery or the how tos.  One nugget of wisdom can be a light switch, a game-changer, elevating us to a new plateau in our own progression.


My brand 46foryounger is all about crisscrossing the wisdom of middle age and beyond with the knowledge that youth seek to grow, while incorporating my creative passions and entertainment.  The mission of my brand is about continuing to dream and dismissing society’s limitations and expectations of who they think we should be.  In a nutshell, Betty White was the poster child for my brand - a shining beacon for me to mirror and look to for my own progression and the longevity of my brand.


What are key behavioral elements that help us obliterate the limitations society can place on us?  Is it about being a rebel or walking the line?  I have seen both paths work.  Rebels who have broken all the rules and been revered for it and those who have managed to expand themselves and live their best life while playing within society’s construct. The constant theme to longevity is immersion into one’s passion.  A deep immersion into what ignites your fire.  While Ms. White credits gratefulness, not taking anything for granted and always seeking the positive in any situation, she full proofed her success in combination with, in her own words, “doing what you love more than anything else in the world, what’s to complain about?”  In other words, if you are fulfilling your passion, life is good.  She also shares while discussing her passion for animals, “I think everyone should have or cultivate a passion.  Don’t be afraid to really get hooked on something because that will refurbish your energy; it will refurbish your interest.”


If we think about spending time at a job that solely “pays the bills,” we begin to recognize that it is impossible to reignite our fire.  We are spending most of our day at a job that doesn’t encapsulate any relativity to our passions and our cumulative ability to be healthy and thrive, in turn, slowly diminishes our life force.


There could be a fork in the road between the “good standing citizen” and “the rebel,” in that the rebel’s personality might clash outside of his mission to live his or her passion and may be a deterrent that might not have as broad of a reach as Betty White did.  Could a rebel have the capacity to positively impact people of many different backgrounds, genders, and age groups?  Possibly, but today we focus on Betty White who for the most part navigated within the constructs of society’s rules.


In addition to living her passion for acting and animals, here are some brief mentions of other character traits that enabled Betty to have a broad impact on many ages, genders, and diverse cultural backgrounds and what made us love her:


She stood up for what was morally right – she exhibited a strong sense of integrity.  Betty White risked losing her show when the deep south threatened not to air her show because there was a black musician on her tv show.  Betty White also turned down working on a hit sitcom because she was against an episode regarding poor treatment of animals.


Not being too good – Let’s face it, no one likes a goody two-shoes.  Betty White had the ability to play on the edges, her comedic style was always slightly risqué, but she had an ability to deliver these jokes in a way that was not offensive.  While everyone was watching their food consumption and choosing salads, Betty never turned down a chance to eat and drink her favorite meal, a hot dog and vodka, while breaking night with the rest of her younger counterparts from SNL.


Recognizing the importance of kindness – When questioned in an interview with Al Roker about what’s the secret between the best relationships whether they are professional or personal, Betty stated, “Kindness.  You don’t say the hurtful thing even if you’re irritated or upset.  Because that sticks around, or that just chips of a little off the other guy’s self-esteem.”  This trait, I believe, is what solidified her in our hearts.  She never had a bad thing to say about anyone.


Finally, she was talented, had a great work ethic, incorporated laughter in her life and ours.


Ms. Betty White created an exemplarily road map to excellence for all of us to follow and that is the piece of her she leaves behind for us.  We will miss our national treasure, but we can reap the benefits of her path by understanding all the combined elements of character that came together to create the perfect storm or more like sun shower that was Betty White - gone too soon.

In Memory of Betty White (January 17, 1922 - December 31, 2021)


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