Getting Ghosted is No Reflection on You

Getting Ghosted is No Reflection on You


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46foryounger - Ghosted

Message Behind the Merch…Ghosted📴


While everyone is celebrating the ghosts👻of Halloween🎃it is the ghost of relationships’ past that has visited in this rap by 46foryounger, the first non-cougar rapper - GHOSTED 

The silver bullet of being ghosted - werewolves lurking in your perimeter, (aka jerks that ghosted you with zero explanation).

The ghosting trying your own sense of self-confidence and self worth - what we indelibly end up discovering later in life, in retrospect, administered by nothing more than the personality of a douche/coward/lack of know-how status, you get the picture right or don’t you?

If only we could fast-forward ourselves into the future, look back and return to inform ourselves of the unnecessary burden we place on our spirit every time or anytime we get ghosted, abandoned, placed aside.

So allow me too occupy that space of wisdom and reflection for you and inform you and comfort you, delivering this message to you on this very day of ghouls and goblins, to not allow your own ghouls of negative self-talk to take over because Halloween will be over at the stroke of midnight but your self doubt may not dissipate.  

Instead take this time to reflect even if you need to dig deep - six-feet under perhaps to find that speck of self joy and self-love, for there are so many more important relationships out there waiting for you with open arms🤗to love you🥰for who you are and embrace your special and the most important relationship of all - LOVING YOURSELF.

As 46foryounger, hear my voice in one phrase proclaiming that…

Getting Ghosted is No Reflection on You.


About 46foryounger

46foryounger, the 1st Non-Cougar Rapper, is a rap-creative who believes you're never too old to dream and you're never too young to know. 46foryounger's raps play on the duality of her name, piquing her listener's curiosity while pushing societal boundaries with her creative, dynamic presence and lyrical flow.

46foryounger Merch pieces are bold, colorful dynamic, story-telling statement pieces that are visually stunning. If you like to stand out in a crowd and get attention, 46foryounger Merch is made for you. 

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